Golden sunshine ALUSHINE A2 fireproof aluminum composite board


It uses upper and lower high-strength antirust aluminum plates as panels, which are cleaned and formed, and then coated and baked with fluorocarbon or polyester on the roller coating production line. The middle core material adopts natural and environmental-friendly inorganic minerals as the core material, and the upper and lower aluminum plates and the middle inorganic core material are continuously compounded by special bonding materials with DUPONT resin as the main material at high temperature. Because the upper and lower layers are made of metal materials, the inorganic mineral core layer in the middle is mainly composed of natural inorganic mineral materials, which is not only incombustible but also flame retardant.

Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co., Ltd. produced a new A2-grade fireproof aluminum composite board, which is a new type of green environmental protection building board which can reach A2-grade incombustible, waterproof, mildew-proof, shockproof and heat preservation. With its fire resistance and physical properties, especially its excellent performance in fire rating and peel strength, this product is widely used in various architectural decoration fields.

Characteristics of fireproof board

1. incombustibility: judging according to GB8624-2006, the fire performance reaches a2, S1, d0 and t1, and the core material is incombustible inorganic material, which can prevent the fire from spreading without burning itself.

2. Environmental protection: non-toxic, halogen-free, non-combustible, sound insulation and heat insulation, meeting the national and international standards for green materials.

3. Weather resistance and pollution prevention: PVDF coating made of HYLR5000 or KYAR500 resin has unique corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance, which makes it beautiful in the hot sun and cold wind.

4. The core material has excellent thermal oxidation performance, high and low temperature resistance, and excellent water and moisture resistance.

5. Easy to install, light in weight, high in bending strength, and can be made into hyperbolic shape. Its physical properties completely meet the GB/T17748-2008 (ACP) excellent product index.

6. Constructivism has superior processing and constructability with aluminum-plastic plate, which can meet the special design requirements of designers.

Application of fireproof board

A2 fireproof board not only has fireproof function, but also keeps the mechanical properties of corresponding metal-plastic composite board. As an upgraded substitute product of aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic board and stone board, it can be used as exterior wall curtain wall, interior wall decoration material and indoor ceiling of newly built buildings and renovated old houses, and is especially suitable for the exterior walls of some large public buildings with high personnel density and high requirements on fire protection performance, such as subway stations, business centers, convention centers, high-rise buildings, office buildings, hotels, stadiums and high-grade residential buildings. Decoration, billboard panel, interior wall decoration of shopping mall, etc.


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